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About us

When we started playing together in February 2010 our main goal was to amuse ourselves. Our slogan was: "Let's have fun!" After a while we extended our ambition to, as far as we are able, also amuse others. Thus, our slogan today is: "With pleasure – for pleasure".

Apart from our own contribution we have engaged a number of skilled and likable participants: vocalists, musicians, actors, computer wizards, graphic designers and video consultants, just to mention some. We owe them a lot: without them our videos would never had been made!

It turned out we have a small crowd of enthusiastic fans. We also owe you guys a lot! Knowing that there is someone out there actually taking part of what we do is extremely inspiring! We will indeed do our best not to disappoint you (too much).


gunnarT: I bought my first electric organ around 1973, a VOX Continental. First band was Red Sky: me on organ and my brother Erik on the drums. We made 2-3 performances. I played with some garage bands during the years 1975-1985. From the mid 80th I played on my own, connected to a computer.

JanneЯ: When I was twelve and came home from school one afternoon my parents had in all secrecy signed me up for mandolin classes ... Probably looking confused as hell I simply had to turn around and march back to school again. I stopped going there after four or five months of constant whining and complaining to mom and dad, telling them how utterly boring it was. At the age of thirteen or fourteen I got a guitar in my hands for the first time and was immediately hooked, and that's how it all began ...

MɔDanish: When I was a young boy, around 1974, I got my hands on KISS' first album and from that day on I knew what I wanted to do: rockin' and rollin'! And I would play the drums. My parents wanted me to play the recorder instead ... but that didn't work out ... You can't play rock'n'roll on the recorder!! I was so shy that I threw up every time I had to do something in front of an audience. I wasn't ready until I was 15, when I started my first band, NÖDTELEFON (Emergency Telephone), with my class mates in Tullinge, south of Stockholm.

From 1980 till today I have played the drums in a lot of different bands and constellations! Today I do everything that's fun! Troubadour, karaoke host, wannabe Santa Claus, drummer in one band, singer in another. And now I have reached the peak of my career, when I joined these two knuckleheads, since I'm having so much fun! So far, so good!

mrBiscuit: Early in 1975 I went to see The Sweet at Stockholms Konserthus. That's when I realized that I wanted to play guitar. I got a Classical guitar for my 14th birthday a couple of months later. When I was 15 I got my first electric and started my first band with a couple of guys in may class. In the early 80's I switched to bass guitar. I have played in various cover and metal bands ever since.

About 6 months ago, July 2012, I met these guys and quickly found we were on the same wavelength. I remember thinking it would be great fun to be a part of this, and now I am!